Welcome to our facility closure frquently asked questions, hopefully you will be able to find the answers you need on this page.

Apologies if you have been directed here after calling one of our facilities, you will appreciate that the urgency with which we had to close facilities meant that we haven’t been able to put a full telephony system in place as yet.

We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused you and thank you for your patience at this time.

Update on all Council facility closures

Leisure Facility Closures - Frequently Asked Questions

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Why are facilities closed?

We have been advised that in the interests of managing the spread of the Covid 19 virus we should close our Leisure Facilities.

How long will the closures last?

At the moment we are unsure how long the closures will last, we are working closely with the government and we will reopen as soon as we are advised to do so.

Will I still have my direct Debit taken from my bank account even though I can’t use the facility?

All Direct Debits will be suspended and will not recommence until facilities are operational again and fixed term Members have received the appropriate extensions to their membership.

I have paid for a fixed period membership and I can’t use the facility because of the closure

Your membership will be extended to include the period of time that the facility is closed; e.g. if your membership is due to expire in August and the closure lasts 2 months, then your membership will be adjusted to expire in October.

I have paid for a booking due to take place during the closure?

You will be offered the opportunity to re-arrange the activity/booking or a credit towards another activity/booking when the facility re-opens.

Alternatively you will be offered a refund.

How will I know when the facility is due to reopen?

We will be posting updates throughout the period of the closure on social media, in local papers and by email to our members.

Why are parks, play areas and open spaces remaining open.

We have been advised that open spaces/parks and play areas are safe to remain open at this time; however observing a safe distance between users is advised.

Public toilets in these facilities will remain open at this time (until further government advice is received), stringent hygiene measures have been put in place in these facilities.

I have a voucher that is due to expire soon

Any time sensitive vouchers will be extended when the facilities re-open.

I have paid for swimming lessons, will I be refunded?

At the moment we are planning to reschedule swimming lessons as soon as we are operational again and we will do everything we can to make this work for you.

However, we don’t know when that will be and we appreciate that this will not suit some customers. We will offer a refund if we can’t rearrange.

Kids activities includes: swimming lessons, gymnastics and other centre delivered schemes.

Are children's activities still taking place ... such as swimming lessons ?

All our children’s activities are suspended and will remain so until further notice.

What happens to my child’s place?

Your child will keep their place when the activity resumes.

Will there be Easter Activity Programmes for young people?

All activities are currently postponed and whilst the length of closure is uncertain at present, it is unlikely that we will be in a position to deliver an Easter Activity Programme this year.

Can I still apply to ABC Sports Forum for a grant?

Applications will still be accepted but there will likely be a delay in processing them due to the uncertainty of approval meetings. Please note that applications for 19/20 should still be received by 30 April 2020 (however, exceptional circumstances will be considered).

I have paid for a Coach Education Course and it’s now postponed?

Your place will be carried over to the re-arranged course.

I have paid for a Senior Sports Award ticket and it’s now postponed?

Your ticket can be carried over to the re-arranged ceremony.

For more information and Advice: https://bit.ly/3dbujOU