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Craigavon Aquathon

Craigavon Watersports Centre
Craigavon Aquathon

This is a FUN EVENT for adults 16+ years old to experience an Aquathon for the first time.

An Aquathon is a multi sport race combining SWIMMING and RUNNING, it is essentially a triathlon without the cycling. It was created to give participants the opportunity to train in open water, developing the key swimming and running skills for racing.

We will be running training sessions from Tuesday 20th August – Tuesday 10th September to prepare for the Final Event on Tuesday 17th September. These training sessions give participants the opportunity to try running and swimming in open water over a variety of distances, the choice is yours.

Option 1

  • 300m open water swim
  • finishing with a 1k run

Option 2

  • 600m open water swim
  • finishing with a 1.5k run

Option 3

  • 600m open water swim
  • finishing with a 3k run

What is an Aquathon?

Aquathon is a sport which combines swimming and running in one non-stop event.

There is also a stage between the swimming and running called the transition (where you get changed and ready to run).

Where will the Aquathon take place?

The event will be held at Craigavon Watersports Centre. The swim will be in the harbour of Craigavon City Park Lake and the run will take place on the tarmac path making it easy and very safe for all participants.

What age do i have to be to take part in the Aquathon?

This event is open to participants aged 16+ years old who can swim 300m in open water without stopping (which could be as tiring as a 500m pool swim).

What time will the Aquathon start?

Craigavon Aquathon will take place on Tuesday 17th September 


18:30-18:45 Arrive at Craigavon Watersports Centre for registration

18:45-18:58 Set up transition area 

19:00 Race starts

How much does it cost?

Aquathlon Event = £5.00

Training Sessions = £2.00

Where is the official start and finish?

Participants will meet at Craigavon Watersports Centre (temporary site within Craigavon Civic Centre) and be lead to the starting point. Spectators will be able to accompany racers

Where do I park?

There will be free parking at Craigavon Civic Centre.

Will there be any changing facilities?

There will be changing facilities at the temporary Watersports Centre site.

Must I sign in?

Yes, sign in on the day is essential and you should leave 30 minutes to do so.

What if I cant make the event?

In the event of a cancellation, a minimum of 7 days must be given in order to receive a refund.


What do I need to bring with me?

You will be required to bring the following items:

Run; comfortable running attire and shoes.

Swim; swimming costume, swimming goggles, bright coloured swim hat (compulsory), wetsuit (available on the day if required ) towel and toiletries, Safety Float (advised by not necessary)

Event Brief


Registration will take place between 6:30pm and 6:45pm in Craigavon Watersports Centre. All competitors must register prior to the safety briefing.

If you require a wet suit please request one as soon as you arrive.

Transition area

The transition area will be at the front of the Watersports Centre building. This will be open from 6:45pm on the evening of the event. Entry will only be permitted only to those racing.

Please ensure you do not leave any valuables around. Craigavon Watersports Centre does not accept responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged belongings. The run out will be clearly marked, please familiarize yourself with this on arrival.

Verbal race briefing

There will be a race briefing for all competitors at the lake side at 6:55pm.

It is essential that ALL competitors attend this briefing. The race will commence at

Swim course

The swim course is a 300 meters triangle course (2 laps – 600m). The swim will start in the water and the start position will be marked on the day. You must not go beyond this marker until the race has started.

Wet suits must be worn and it is compulsory to wear a bright color hat. If you get into difficulty during the swim, you should try and remain calm, roll onto your back and raise an arm. A kayaker will approach you and ask you to take hold of one end of the craft. Please do not try to hold the centre of the kayak. We will have experienced kayakers providing safety cover. Safety floats can be worn during the swim. If this is your first triathlon or you are a less confident swimmer, stay towards the back of the group.

Transition 1

The swim exit will be at the slipway. Wet suits will be removed at the slipway and running shoes fitted. Make sure to put your wet suit, hat and goggles over the rail at the top of the slipway without impeding others.


The run is an out and back course with the turning point clearly identified by a marshal.  The finish line will be at the front of the Civic Centre building so don’t stop until you are over the line.



Aquathon will finish at approximately 8pm.

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