Outdoor Summer Activities for Children

June 21, 2017 / News
Outdoor Summer Activities for Children

Outdoor activities at Craigavon Watersports and Golf Ski Centres

The key benefits of establishing outdoor activities as an important part of your child’s life have a wide range of benifits across health ,social and wellbeing areas. By undertaking adequate outdoor activity you will see an increase in health and physical development by improving sensory development, reducing obesity and stimulating blood cells.

In an age, where children are so tech savvy, it can be challenging for parents to take children away from television, computers and video games.

On top of that only 30% of the UK population are active enough.

Craigavon Watersports and Golf Ski Centre Children’s Summer Activity Days and Weeks.

Staff at the centers make outdoor activities fun according to your child’s interests. In doing so children slowly learn the importance of the great outdoors. In the longer term people can carry on been active in the outdoors long after involvement in traditional competitive ball sports end.

How we match our activity’s to the main benefits.

Health benefits

Outdoor activities help children stay fit and active which will benefit them in the long run. This can ward off health problems like obesity and heart ailments later in life. Some children frequently fall ill, being active in life will helps children stay healthy, feel hungry and have meals on time. Also being active helps children feel tired by the end of the day so they will sleep on time too!

Outdoor activities provide a physical element which raises the heart rate and burn calories, sports such as Tubing, Canoeing and cycling all achieve this.

Makes them competitive/ set targets & goals

When children play outside, they gain a sense of mastery and competency skills. Learning a new skill like climbing can help build a childs confidence. Playing games with a winner helps kids develop developing winning spirit.and boost self-esteem as well.

Archery, Footgolf and Climbing all have an element of competiveness by beating their own previous score, height gained or group winner.

Learning working in groups / social skills

When kids play with other kids, they learn to interact in groups, learn building strategy to win. They learn to adjust with kids of different temperament. This will help them when they grow up, in both their professional and personal life. Often when kids play, they have a lot of loud interactions and physical movements with other kids. On our summer activity days quite often they will not know the other kids they have to play with and that helps them develop social skills. They learn to be cordial and try and work well in groups often developing qualities like leadership and co-operation. They learn to interact with other children, often bonding over games and developing long lasting friendships.

We understand children like adults need to let of a of steam and make a bit of noise. This is achieved in a safe manner by staffs understanding of a child’s ability and understanding whilst all the time closely monitoring safety. Our activities like Aqua Park, Banana Boating and Tubing are particularly good for group work

Giving a sense of freedom

When kids play outdoors, adults are generally more lenient with them. With this sense of freedom children feel more enthusiastic, energetic and want to discover themselves.

Activities such as Sailing single handers and Snow Skiing are a favorite with kids and give a great sense of achievement and independence.

Learning to appreciate nature

Parents should take their kids for treks and nature camps. They will understand nature and science better. Helping them relax and sooth all five senses as well as teaching kids to respect nature.

Our Canoeing, climbing activities and Leave No Trace ethos helps them to understand and develop a love of nature.