Fallen out of love with working out?

February 14, 2024

We know the physical and mental benefits of getting active but sometimes it’s just hard to get going!

Anthony Lawlor, a fitness advisor with getactiveabc, shares his advice to help you rekindle your love for exercising.

Let’s get moving

Working out doesn’t have to be sweating it out at the gym or being screamed at by a personal trainer! What works for some, doesn’t work for everyone. Working out can be any form of movement that gets our muscles working and bodies burning calories, so swimming, dancing, yoga, walking, and cycling all count.

Train your mind

Challenging our mindset to focus on what we can do and doing it consistently is key to getting the spark back into a fitness routine! Action creates motivation – not vice versa! It’s possible to train our mind to remember why we exercise before and during the workout and remember what could happen if we choose not to exercise. Generally, clients will tell me they never regret a workout when it’s done, but they do regret it when they don’t.

Excuses – be gone!

‘Too tired, too much work on, not enough time, it costs too much’…we know the excuses. Let’s break the habit of excuses! Instead of saying ‘I don’t have time to work out today’ try ‘which workout do I have time for today?’ Instead of thinking of all the activities you don’t like to do, think of an activity that interests you. Instead of spending unnecessary money on new gym equipment, test your commitment to an activity and see how you do, for example see if you can do a 20 minute walk each day for a week straight!

Key takeaways

Change doesn’t happen overnight so be prepared to be patient. Focus more on building a habit and less on the end result. Consistency is key and nothing will work unless you do.

If you would like to fall in love with working out, a good starting point is to seek help from a trained professional who can challenge you and help you to be accountable and take the lead on your fitness journey. At getactiveabc we have a team of fitness instructors who are here to support you, whatever level of fitness you are at, we’ll meet you there! Simply get in touch and let’s get you started.

I’ll leave you with this – the only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen!

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