Gosford park pump tracks

Pump Tracks

A pump track is a looped sequence of rollers and berms (swoopy, banked turns) for bike riders. It’s designed to maximize your momentum, so you can ride it with minimal pedaling.

It’s kind of like a small rollercoaster that you can ride on. It’s a tool to increase your handling skills on the bike, and it’s also something that’s really fun to ride.

The beauty of a pump track is that it’s accessible to almost anyone and for all ability levels. You don’t have to be an advanced rider—don’t be surprised if you see a 2-year-old out there shredding on a balance bike. It’s a learning tool that’s fun for everyone.

BMX Craigavon

Locations of Pump tracks across Armagh Banbridge & Craigavon

Gosford park pump tracks
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