Gymnastics & Trampolining

Gymnastics is a major contributor to health and well-being, it encourages the development of muscle groups as well as alertness, precision and self-discipline.  With practice Trampolining helps to instill a sense of fulfilment, and build self-esteem.

For children who like to be airborne. Trampolining delivers balance, coordination, cardio fitness and self-confidence. Toddlers and bouncing are a natural combination so courses start at pre-school age.

We offer a wide range of coaching and courses for children whether you’re just starting out, want to get the most out of your preferred sport or wanting to find a sport for the kids to enjoy.

The activity is currently not operational due to Covid-19

Developing skills for life in strength, coordination, self confidence and body awareness. Gymnastics General teaches the basics of floor and vaulting skills from 5 years upwards before progressing to a higher class.

We have a range of lessons available to suit all abilities throughout the borough. Check the calendar below to see whats on and how to get involved.

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Trampolining is a fun, exciting and healthy activity. A low impact sport, it is excellent for cardiovascular fitness, strengthening bones and improving co-ordination. In fact, a recent study has shown that trampolining reduces cellulite!

We run trampolining classes in Craigavon Leisure Centre. Check the calendar below to see whats on and how to get involved.

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