Parks Communication Boards

We are delighted that our new Communication Board at Oxford Island has had such a positive impact on those using it. We now have plans to install another 15 Communication Boards at play parks across the borough – coming soon!


Play Area Location
1 Bleary Craigavon
2 Cathedral Road Playing Fields Armagh
3 Donacloney Craigavon
4 Edenvilla Craigavon
5 Kingston Memorial Playing Fields Armagh
6 Kernan Play Park Craigavon
7 Lord Lurgan Park Craigavon
8 Loughbrickland Banbridge
9 Magheralin Craigavon
10 Maghery Craigavon
11 Markethill Primary School Armagh
12 Waringstown Craigavon
13 Woodlands Banbridge
14 Scarva Banbridge
15 Dromore Banbridge


The boards have pictures that can be used to share messages along with pictures of things in the play park, action words, feelings, and words that can be used to request, such as ‘more’.

We are using everything in our communication toolbox, including pictures, gestures, signs, and words, to get our message across. Everyone should have a go at using our new communication boards and experience this new way to share messages!

Click HERE for further details on how to use. Enjoy!

An inclusive springer seesaw has been installed in Oxford Island Play Park – one of the first of its kind in NI – which encourages children to play together including those with a wide range of disabilities. This park also features braille and sensory play learning opportunities.

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